Oracle Best Practice rule book

Welcome to the Oracle Best Practice rule book.

How to process this document: read it, and follow the guidelines outlined. Most importantly, know the rules of engagement.


  1. Bjj martial art
    As a martial art, at its core is a very powerful and effective system of combat for both defense and offense. What I'm saying is that at the heart of what we've chosen to participate in is inherently a potentially dangerous sport. Yet, it doesn't have to be. It's called the 'gentle art' for a reason. In fact, it can be one of the few martial arts that allows one to go 100% yet pull back at the last second to not injure your opponent. But how is that possible you ask? Read on . . .
  2. Setting expectations
    While no one  wants to get injured, of course, injuries are, for the most part, unavoidable given enough time. The good news is we can all adopt these best practices AND train-condition our supporting muscles to prevent injuries. Yes, it is possible. And yes, it will improve your life overall.
  3. Play nice
    At the risk of stating the obvious, try not to injure your partner (common injuries incl. hyper flex of joints, excessive use of force, fast explosive movements and belt-specific illegal moves like knee bars, heel hooks...).  These are ALL avoidable. Try not to allow your partner to injure you! (Don't worry, we teach you how).
  4. Practice safe, 'catch and release'
    where you take your opponent to the edge of submission and threat of injury but hold it and allow your opponent to tap. It's never ok to hyperextend in a friendly dojo match.
  5. Stick to ibjjf rule set UNLESS
    both parties agree to non-ibjjf rules at the onset of your match. Want to try NoGi heel hooks, trucks, twisters? Consider our NoGi classes.
  6. TIP! "Energy IN = Energy OUT"
    What this means is that the energy you bring into a match is likely to elicit the energy you receive. So bring it... that is if you want it. And sometimes it's perfectly ok to not want to go hard a particular night. Just tell your partner.
  7. Read the ibjjf rules table below
    A red dot indicates an illegal move
  8. MOST importantly have fun and win!
iBJJF 2021