It’s your move.

A new martial art experience for
everyone, powered by V3DA hub.

World-class workouts and instruction
by amazing instructors.

New classes added at least twice per week.


Leave it all on the Mat.

Your private Oracle V3DA hub dashboard is equipped with our exclusive ‘Belt Velocity’ metric. Combined with advanced reports, they give you all the metrics you need to see your progress.

Introducing a new kind of martial arts fitness experience. Choose from LIVE instructor-led or self-paced curated classes grouped by skill-belt level.

Choose the path that suits you, and learn at your own pace. Want more classes? No problem. Need a break? Sure. You are always in control.

Be Inspired.
Not intimidated

Professor Lee and our coaches are welcoming to the uninitiated as well as to the seasoned. Don’t take our word for it. Come see and feel it for yourself.

Anywhere you want.
Anytime you want.
Oracle Online Training programs are designed to work in spaces like your living room, hotel, park or gym.

Motivation to keep you motivated.
Close rings, get your heart rate in your target range and burn calories. All on your tracking device. In addition to measuring your belt achievement rate, optionally, add healthy competition by joining our leaderboards.

Select from three streams:

ALPHA Stream

  • A mix of LIVE instructor-led interactive and scheduled live, previously recorded videos.
  • Recommended for: fast track progress, hyper fitness plan, greater time commitment.
  • Attendance is flexible.

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Your personal V3DA hub dashboard is always free.

OMEGA Stream

  • Self-paced programs individually curated for
    Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students.
  • Do as many classes and choose when you want to do them.
  • EZ ‘Click n log’ your attendance. An Oracle Jiu Jitsu exclusive.

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Your personal V3DA hub dashboard is always free.

Kids Stream

  • Designed for kids 12 and under.
  • LIVE instructor-led and recorded. For all belt levels.
  • Guided training mixed with fun activities.
  • Build confidence, self-esteem & discipline, all while earning towards genuine belt promotions.
  • LIVE dashboard progress reports, including regular feedback from your coach.

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Your personal V3DA hub dashboard is always free.

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