You've got questions.

We'll do our best to answer them. But if you don't see an answer below, open this cool contact us form, add your question, and it magically appears in my electronic mail. The Google is amazing.

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Do we breathe Jiu Jitsu? No questions asked. Well ok maybe one. "How could I have made your experience better?"

Who wants to be unhappy right? If for any reason, during your membership you are not entirely satisfied, we will refund you your balance*. During your free trail 100% refund. Period.

Memberships are refunded pro rated based on the time of cancellation and usage.

Do you have a free trial period?

New to Oracle? Enjoy a 14 day free trial. The coupon is located on the bottom of any membership product page on checkout. We just ask you to complete a waiver form prior to arrival by registering at

Can I book an appointment to try it out?

Of course. To set up an appointment by Txt/SMS.

What is this academy like?

We follow the Helio Gracie lineage of discipline and structure. What does this mean? It means, we adhere to respect and a code of conduct.

You'll find that it's not all tough love. Friendship and community building is important to us.

I want to sign up for BJJ. Where do I start?

Simply head over to Register. Login. Go to the shop. Pick your program.

Is there a promotion on right now?

Yes! Glad you asked. Annual membership includes a 22% discount applied to the price already. Monthly is discounted at 15% already.

I want to sign my child up for your after school program. How do I do that? (coming soon)

Simply head over to Register. Login. Go to the shop. Pick your program. Now use your QR purchase code (printed on your receipt) each time to gain entry into the academy.

I want to book some 'Me' time with one of your 360 Care programs. What do I do?

Coming Soon! (please check with the front desk!)

Wait, so you're like TOTALLY automated . . . as in from start to end?

Yes, any more automated, and we'd be the robot restaurant in Japan. From your initial online purchase, your membership has the option for auto renewal so you never have to see this guy. Each membership has a unique QR code. This is your magic ticket to enter the academy (we scan it at the front desk).

Do you have Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Code of Conduct in place?

Yes. Please find below the pertinent documentation and policies.
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
Code of Conduct