Update: March 2024
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Come visit us at 168 Queen St. South, unit 210, Mississauga (Inside Tannery Gate – stairs are located beside TD Bank. We’re on the 2nd floor).


  • For the most seamless onboarding process, complete a membership purchase at V3DA hub to kick things off and make your Day 1 experience flawless.
6:30amSunrise roll
8 amBook!Book!Book!
10 amParent n Tot (book)*
11 amKids/Youth BJJ Gi
12 pmWomen onlyBook!Book!Women onlyAdult/Teen BJJ GiOpen Mat roll call*
1:30 pmTots program*Open Mat/Advanced BJJ Gi (ask)*Tots program*Teens Gi
2:30 pmKids program*YogaKids program*YogaYoga
4 pm
5 pmAdult BJJ GIAdult BJJ NoGiTeens Gi
6 pmTeens NoGiKids BJJ NoGiKids/Teens BJJ GiKids BJJ GiFundamentals BJJ Gi
7 pmOpen Mat BJJ NoGi*Adult/Teen BJJ NoGiAdult/Teen BJJ GiAdult/Teen BJJ GiMMAHiitBox
Group fitness
8 pmMMAHiitBox
Group fitness
OpenMat/Adult Advanced
Sparring only
Adult BJJ
Advanced Gi
Open Mat roll call*
8:30 pmMMAHiiTBox
Group fitness
Womens only
Muay Thai
Sparring only
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* ‘Book’ or ‘Asterriks’ or Bold/Italics, means these slots can be made available upon enough students requesting it. So click Ask and text me. Or chime into our private chat group.
* Primary service is BJJ unless otherwise noted – white belt+
* Kids/Youth 6-13 yr old
* Teens 10-17, based on size and aptitude, may be asked (optionally) to move to adult classes
* Women’s only is currently being offered by Professor Lee as instructor
* Open Mat is available to Oracle academy members Sundays. Ask about ‘bring a friend’ day.
* Comp Training – competition training. Sign up with any membership where you will seek to compete
* Parent n Tot – ages 2 – 5 yrs old. Parents attend to assist their child with games and instructions, however, are not part of the curriculum or class. Instructions and BJJ lessons are significantly less intense, gentler and focuses on fun and parent-child bonding (vs the kids class which focuses on techniques, strength, conditioning, mental toughness, competition training and street proofing).
* Yoga, MMHiitBox (MHB) and other such extra services memberships/dropins can be purchased separately here.
* MHB Sparring only means light touch MMA sparring.
“Tots program / Kits Program” are special curated programs. Please ask for details.

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