The philosophy behind the Oracle.

Often times the big questions to life go unanswered. “What is my purpose?”.

The meaning behind the choice of our academy name, “Oracle” is intended to speak to this. After-all, should we just brush it aside? Ignore it? Maybe. Or maybe not.

The Oracle in tradition has always been represented by our thirst for knowledge. To understand beyond the veil of our ‘normal’ everyday existence.  Often the Oracle’s purpose was the ‘art of divination‘ or in other words to commune with the divine, much like the Oracle of Delphi was intended to do.

Perhaps this art still exists in one form or another. Are there strategies and techniques today that can invoke such mystical arts? One thing we do know, is that Jiu Jitsu has the power to bring you into a state of mind. Some have called it flow. Or in ancient Chinese culture, it’s referred to as the Tao or Dao. Whatever you call it, we believe it exists in all of us and can be tapped into through Jiu Jitsu.

Oracle Jiu Jitsu is about providing exceptional service. Our goal is to provide a unique experience from the first moment you interact with us, either physically in person or digitally, to how you manage your account with us (completely automated), to how your performance is managed electronically 1:1 with our Sensei/Professor and/or instructors (we use a state of the art web tool called “V3DA hub”, a first and one of a kind in the industry) that guides each student on their journey).

What if you were to ask Coach Lee, “what is it that you are actually selling”?

Of course outside of the obvious, he’s teaching exceptional Brazilian jiu jitsu classes, self defence, confidence building, discipline, honour, fortitude etc. But what would be hard for him to quantify and verbalize, is the life style, way of life, camaraderie, sense of community that slowly starts to seep into your life from every crevice. Soon, you’re watching endless YouTube videos, investigating and chatting with buddies, the subtleties of the proper way to break an arm (while sipping on your latte). Next thing you know, you’re in. In deep.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was founded by Helio, Carlos and Carlson Gracie. The essence of which is the focus and attention to the fundamentals. The saying has been passed down from my Professor Jorge, generation after generation . . . “A black belt is a white belt that never quit”. Oracle Jiu Jitsu is:
1. Strength
2. Skill/Knowledge
3. Speed

(In fact, if you carefully observe our logo seal, you’ll notice that these three virtues are the pillars of our triangle.)

I can get behind that.