Oracle Jiu Jitsu is proud to announce the partnership with WholeFit to offer our customers and students the option to expand the depth and breadth of their overall health and fitness journey.

WholeFit is a hub that is centred around V3DA hub which is the no.1 adaptive data driven coaching performance accelerator. Together, WholeFit brings you compatible and supportive services to promote, heal, and add longevity and strength to both your body and mind.

How is this possible?

We bring in experts from a diverse set of fields like, Yoga, RMT, Ayurvedic Medicine, Meditation, breath work, and Martial Arts like BJJ, Judo, and wrestling. Pick and choose what works best for your schedule. We think you’ll like one and try more. Soon you’ll have your breadth covered, and feeling awesome.

Currently, we are excited to start our premiere WholeFit service,


Sign up using the above link, check out our schedule and come back here to book a time.

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