We’re proud to say, we’re a charter member of V3DA hub.

V3DA hub is the premiere athletic performance acceleration tool that is the magic sauce between your coach/mentor and your student/athlete. As a key partner of this tool, we are intimately aware of why such a tool is needed and how it can offer your students that edge they seek to grow and excel in their passion.

Every one of our Oracle Jiu Jitsu students automatically receive a free V3DA hub membership. Professional 1:1 digitally managed coaching starts on their very first day. Read more.

Key benefits include:

  • 1:1 Digital dashboard coaching with an assigned real person coach
  • Key metrics to gauge your performance and development
  • Fight. Compete. Win. Leaderboards!
  • Fully automated membership renewal or self serve, from your pajamas and mobile phone
  • Free membership “pause“. Ask for details
  • Convenient instant alerts and class updates in your mobile phone notification centre
  • EZ Booking calendar tool for 1:1 instructional & chat
  • Exclusive fight apparent made just for Oracle Jiu Jitsu
  • Visit V3DA hub to learn more. Read more
  • Become a V3DA hub affiliate partner