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  • What gear you’ll need and where to get it at discount

Oracle Jiu Jitsu only has Gi classes as of this writing. However, if you would like to initially start with without a Gi, that is ok too.

For a great custom made fight apparel head over to V3DA hub. There you will see Gi’s, rash guard (no Gi). We can provide you with a loaner too. Just ask us.

  • What to bring to your first day of class

We recommend the following: Gi/No Gi attire, small towel, water bottle, mouth guard (optional)

  • What you can expect on your first day

Day 1 should look something like this. You will be greeted and after having changed into proper attire, the class begins with a light warm up*. Followed by 20 minutes of a technique. And we end the class with live one on one sparring (in a controlled supervised manner of course).

  • How to train with your new team mates

We foster a community and family like environment. Each student is treated equal. Regardless of rank (there are etiquettes that we do follow however). And as such, there is no bullying. No coercion. No bad behaviour. No acts of aggression outside the normal bounds of training. Respect for one another is of utmost importance. In other words, play nice.

  • How to be a good training partner

<< READ and watch the Oracle Best Practice rule book here. >>

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art with roots from Japan. And as such we honour tradition of respect for your Sensei/Professor, instructors and each other. Dojo etiquette includes:- no shoes on the mats

– bow before and after entering the mat area- show up on time. If you arrive late. Wait on the edge of the mat for permission to enter onto the mats. If you are late, you will be asked to do 20 burpees.

– no horse play on the mats

– keep side conversations down to a whisper

– no teaching others, unless you are a teacher

– during a match, higher ranked students always out rank lower belts. This means if you encroach another fighting area, the lower belt students move away from higher belts

– when requesting a match, lower belt students generally should not ask higher belts unless approached by the higher belts

– respect your partner by establishing if you are looking to fight with extra intensity. It’s ok to but your partner should at least have an idea of what’s coming ideally. The opposite is true. If you plan to roll light (say to protect an injury) it’s ok and encouraged to tell your partner.

– start on your knees. If there is room, and your fight goes to standing that is ok. Take your game to standing. Just respect other matches surrounding you. If however, there is NO room, please kneel and start over.

– and lastly, there  are no acts of aggression allowed outside the norms of Jiu Jitsu, ex. No punching, kicking, shoving, striking of any kind, verbal aggression, gouging of any kind. Control your emotions. Lack of self control will not be tolerated. This is the Gentle Art after all.

– Oh, and always wear clean attire. That includes keeping yourself well groomed ex. cut nails (fingers and toes), no sores (come back when they are healed). Contagions of course are to be avoided from the dojo, including colds.

– and as always, please ensure that you adhere to our personal conduct and sexual harassment policy here

  • How to stay healthy and optimized for success There are many aspects to staying healthy. Let’s cover a few.

    – Warm ups*. Arrive on time and do the warm ups. This is crucial to remaining injury free longer.

    – Being flexible while not mandatory, will help your jitsu immensely in the long run. Both from an ‘injury prevention’ as well as a rolling performance perspectives.
    – Come in with energy. Or as much as you can. Fighting with an empty gas tank can be difficult.- Don’t eat 1hr before class.- Stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water. 

    – Learn to control your breath. Yoga is excellent for this. It will help your game.

    – Cardio. While debatable for its efficacy as a trade off of time spent off the mat, my personal belief is that it can’t hurt.– Strength training. Jiu Jitsu is about leverage and technique. The small guy has just as much odds of winning. Having said that, especially at higher levels, strength will assist your game obviously. Oracle Jiu Jitsu focuses on the “triangle of Jiu Jitsu”. Speed, Technique and Strength

    – take care of your fingers and your fingers will take of you.

    – always protect yourself. On and off the mat. Accidents happen. Learn to operate from a defensive mind set until your offence matures.

    – eat healthy. I affects your game.

    – get a good nights rest. And meditatation. Both do wonders for your body and mind.

* Warm ups consist of the following:
– light jog
– knee ups
– ankles
– inside/outside
– sprawls
– jumping jacks
– front rolls
– back rolls
– shrimps
– belly down
– helio gracie crunches Advanced classes/Saturdays may include:
– belly inversion front to back
– get up hip heists
– triangles
– wall walks
– capoeira sit throughs
– plank hold
– leg drags

OK, now let’s go out there and have some fun!