Welcome to Oracle Jiu Jitsu!

Hi my name is Lee. I’m the founder of Oracle Jiu Jitsu and I’m very happy to have you join us. The fact that you are reading this now, means that you’ve passed our rigorous screening process. We only hire the best. So well done! You are special and I welcome special.

Oracle Jiu Jitsu’s goal is to provide an inclusive, open, fair, equitable, enjoyable and a rewarding environment for everyone alike, students including staff. So what that means is that you won’t see too much attitude here or hierarchy power plays. But in order for that to work, everyone needs to play nicely.  That’s why we take our place of work seriously in that we want to protect it.

So welcome! . . . Let’s get started and some formalities out of the way first.

This page contains important information for you to read and understand. It helps your students start off on the right foot. It also helps protect you, your students and the Academy.

Below you’ll find important information on procedures and rules governing the Academy. Please ensure you’ve completed each one below.

  1. You likely arrived from V3DA hub, but in case you haven’t, go there now and create your account (then come back here!).
  2. Log hours in the HR system (in V3DA hub). You will receive training.
  3. Below is a button. This button will take you to magical places. Ok not really. But this button will take you to very important documents. On the other side of this button you will be presented with a bunch of electronic paperwork you must read and acknowledge that you have read it as part of your mandatory onboarding.

Ok, are you ready? Now click the below button . . . now. Like right now.

Remember! If you get lost, always just login to V3DA hub and you will be redirected to your instructor dashboard.