Spirit of excellence.

Built upon the tenet 'we have one chance to make a great impression.

This kind of dedication to offering a respectful and deeply fulfilling experience with whomever you meet is rooted in eastern culture.

Oracle Jiu Jitsu draws from this and has brought this level of service to you, here in Canada. We wish that you encounter this from your first visit to our website, to easy electronic registration and convenient account management.

Aside from the operational parts, Oracle goes a step further to ensure that you are taken care of throughout your entire journey with us, with an exclusive partnership with V3DA hub, the no.1 adaptive data driven coaching student performance accelerator. After all, if you are dedicating your time to Oracle, then Oracle is committed to dedicating to you.


Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

Come join a class and feel what could be a life changing decision. There is a place just right for you, from beginners, kids, teens, adults to advanced. More. . .


Get your entire mind and body in sync and working together by taking advantage of our WholeFit partnership. More . . .

Kids Programs*

You'd like a 'One stop shop'. We know. So we've brought the best of both worlds, after school care programs that can include BJJ instructional classes to cool video game design classes. More . . .

Oracle Jiu Jitsu is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Jujutsu is a ground fighting system that originated in feudal Japan and quickly evolved in Brazil as a distinctive branch of martial art. Geared toward applied leverage and chess like skill makes it ideal for all ages, weights and sexes.

Oracle Jiu Jitsu has a lineage from Helio Gracie, to Royler Gracie and Saulo Rebeiro to Jorge Britto to Lee Chiang. A comphrenesive system passed down directly from Sensei/Professor to Sensei/Professor through the ages, today, you can enjoy the fruits of this time honoured and time tested fight system. We also recognize that to complete a well rounded martial artist, there are other fighting styles that can be integrated. That is why we offer special 'add on' classes such as Muay Thai and Judo from our list of extended friends in our network. Some exclusive to Oracle Jiu Jitsu. (Coming soon)

However you choose to grow, you will always find the right class for you. Whether you are a child, teen, woman, adult or advanced.



We're proud to offer WholeFit services at Oracle Jiu JItsu.
Stay tuned as we offer in the near future, extra value add services like Yoga, Judo, RMT, Wrestling services to name a few. Check it out.

kid game dev

*After School Kids programs (coming soon)

We've got your back. What's not to like, when you can drop off your kids for an after school program, enjoy a snack, participate with their homework buddies in a managed setting, learn Jiu Jitsu to building games using super easy programming tools (yes, real game development)?