What is ethos?

See the hero picture above? The three samurai, they look all badass right? What thoughts come to mind when you think samurai? Yes, that’s right, code, honor, dedication, sacrifice, and group over individuality. Qualities that seem to be sadly dying. But it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not in a microcosm of our world. The dojo.


Oracle ethos.

As a member of Oracle Jiu Jitsu, I agree to:

  1. conduct myself on and off the mats, in such a manner that does not diminish or tarnish the position of Oracle and its members
  2. respect the ancestry and culture from which Oracle Jiu Jitsu was born
  3. respect the Professor/coach – student relation
  4. avoid disruptive random chatter during class
  5. avoid offering alternative technique advice to others during a class, when you are not an instructor
  6. avoid physical altercations (no exceptions)
  7. avoid asking higher-ranked members to combat
  8. make way for higher-ranked members during live sparring
  9. our affiliate Jiu Jitsu for Life does not support rolling at other local gyms. So avoid it. Travel rolling is understandable, but first, try to find an affiliate.
  10. avoid dangerous or improper use of techniques that can severely injure your partner
  11. arrive to class on time (see no.3)
  12. avoid asking when are you getting promoted. Use your belt velocity to get a rough estimate.
  13. new members 6-week probation. Regardless of belt or age, the following are not allowed:
    – non-IBJJF techniques for your rank
    – fighting a teenager
    – explosive, high-velocity, high-energy moves/techniques
    – fighting a female unless you are approached or are a female
  14. NoGi is strictly ‘catch and release’ grappling rule set. If you don’t know what that is, ask.