Welcome to OracleLife

My name is Lee Chiang, the owner, and operator of Oracle Jiu Jitsu and V3DA.com.

If you’ve arrived from my YouTube channel of the same name, thanks for coming out to check things out. For those who have never heard of OracleLife, allow me to give you a brief summary of what and why it’s even in existence amongst the many and crowded media space of infinite content.

I want to share my passion and any nuggets of wisdom with you, a like-minded, individual exploring and bumping around things to find our way.

OracleLife is a lifestyle centred around the moto,

“Live Stronger. Live Smarter.”

It’s not a product or thing per se. It’s about a way of being. And it centres around two very real objectives:

  • Opening and running an academy
  • Opening and running a software business

But around the core of the academy and software, is what I hope to be a steady flow of readily digestible content that you will enjoy at your leisure.

The content will feature the categories of,

  • Work out routines that are a little off the beaten path for some
  • Video commented Jiu-Jitsu/grappling spar sessions
  • Video narrated software development lifecycle (SDLC) sessions
  • Backend sneak peeks into the actual software
  • Recent breakthroughs in science, pharmacology and nutrition (see OracleLabs)
  • Videos of live in house academy sessions
  • The building out of a brand, ‘V3DA hub’ and it’s merchandising
  • Special guests to the channel
  • …I’m probably forgetting a ton of stuff

On the topic of brand. So as to not make things more confusing, I’ll say that OracleLife is the larger umbrella brand for the company. Oracle Jiu Jitsu, which you’ll see much references to, is a sub-brand under the former. As is V3DA hub.

Currently, as of this writing, I have two main social media platforms, YouTube and TikTok. All the other social media platforms (FB, IG, Twitter) are side complementary channels that support the former two. Is this a good strategy? I don’t know. The former is the monetization of the brand and the latter is global brand awareness.

Last, but not least, my followers, the OracleTribe can officially join the group by visiting this page.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey,