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  • If you need motivation for a life changing decision in your life that will lead to fulfillment unlike anything you've ever experienced before
  • You're perhaps a bit out of shape, under stress and have a general sense of discontent?
  • or . . . maybe you've got it going on! (but hit that glass ceiling) and want to explore an alternate approach to take it to the next level
  • You'd like to have greater confidence knowing that you can not just take care of yourself 'physically' but to truly feel and know that you've already won 'mentally' before the battle
  • To become bully proof. In a big way
  • You want to work hard for something and be rewarded for it
  • To feel a sense of pride and know that no one can take it away from you. Ever.
  • You'd like to be connected to a community of like minded people. People on the same journey. To share your stories - pains and successes, grow and have fun together
  • And of course you'd like to learn one of the most kick ass martial arts out there, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
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