1st post double dose roll!

Yesterday I went to see some old jiujitsuka friends smack dab in the centre of the city.
Who would have thought that there could be an oasis among the packed condo towers, cacophony of cars and pedestrians?

But there was.

And it was gorgeous. Under the big blue skies of Toronto. Post week of rain, the city air was fresh, clean and intoxicating.

Best part? The jiu jitsu after a year of not live rolling with partners, only zoom classes with a dummy, staff and a chair. Not exactly the friendliest training partners (at least they don’t talk back).

Will i be back? Probably. But if history serves any indicator of the future, I’m going to be busy teaching morning classes along with my zooms classes.

Hooray for Astro turf, city planning (a good parent teacher council to push for this design) and old friends. Let’s all hope we give this covid thing it’s final death blow soon.

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