Be the hero of your own movie

When it come to training or competing, i know some of us have scheduling conflicts, or prior engagements, etc. and that is of course ok. But if you’re hesitant because of fear of losing or getting injured, remember this. Fear only holds us back from advancing in life. This is all a metaphor for your life. The mat represents your outside attitudes to a degree. Show up. Battling through adversity. Breaking through what once was your perception as limitations, is a wonderful feeling that I, as your coach, can only bring you to the door. You must walk through it.

It has been said, be the hero in your action movie. I know that can sound schlocky, but why not? Why give all the glory to movie actors. After all, they only wish they were the heros that they portray on the screen. You on the other hand are the real deal. (This might explain why some of them like Tom Hardy, Ed O’Neil, Ashton Kutcher… are all BJJ practitioners). As I’ve always said, growth comes from loss. It’s in the times that you lose that you grow the greatest. Your weaknesses will be exposed, and you will learn from those mistakes. Tournaments offer a unique learning XP unlike anything else. It will genuinely feel like your brain on x10 learning mode, like jacking into the matrix. (yes, i love that movie lol). Winning no doubt is great. It’s the best feeling to have your hand raised to validate all your hard work. It can also become selective confirmation bias.

On my last point about injuries. This is a martial art. As most things that are worth pursuing in life, often come at a price. A risk. Without risk, the objective often has little value. As a martial art, our job is to learn to effectively use our bodies for self defence… and as a weapon. This is why we are here right, at least some of us. Over time you will learn how to minimize exposure to vulnerable situations that our bodies can be exposed to. And the dojo is the place to do this. It’s our safe place. We are all friends, with no intentions of deliberate injury. So come and practice here . . . to be ready for out there.

Lastly I’ll leave you with what i consider a PSA from a man, who can be polarizing. But listen to the message. It rings true.

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