Welcome to Oracle Jiu Jitsu!

Hurray! We’re so glad that you could join our family.

In the next few days you’re going to have fun and excitement unlike what you have experienced before.

Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to learn:

  • What gear you’ll need and where to get it at discount
  • What to bring to your first day of class
  • What you can expect on your first day
  • How to train with your new teammates
  • How to be a good training partner
  • How to stay healthy and optimized for success
  • How to not stand waiting on class closed dates
  • …and how to be part of a great community of friends

In order for you to get started, let’s get some paperwork out of the way first.

1. You’ll need to join Oracle Jiu Jitsu school on V3DA hub (yes, you’ve purchased an Oracle membership, but you now need to register with our school for your free coaching performance accelerator tool on V3DA hub. This is an integral tool we use at Oracle to ensure you are doing your best. Think of it as your personal insight into a 1:1 coaching relationship with your Oracle Coach.

Select “I’m a student’.

Give us 24hrs to approve your request (often this step only takes a few minutes if you’ve got us on mobile text support).

On your next login, you’ll be auto-redirected to your personal dashboard.

2. Read our welcome message.

3. Below are the forms you’ll need to fill out (don’t worry, you can always find them on your dashboard). Read them carefully. Sign and submit them. (You’ll need to have logged into V3DA hub to see these forms).


And that’s it! You’ll be all set to go.


Lee Chiang

Founder Oracle Jiu Jitsu