Oracle Jiu Jitsu badges

We are pleased to announce today, starting with the launch of our new academy, Oracle Jiu Jitsu will be starting a kids “recognition of achievement and exemplary behaviour” badges program.

What does it mean and how does it work?

Jiu Jitsu traditionally uses the stripes and belt promotions as the accepted form of achievement recognition. This has not changed.

However, we also formally recognize that paying attention to certain metrics, some of which have been outlined in your v3da hub student dashboard allows us to measure improvement.

Oracle Jiu Jitsu believes these are teaching moments where we can reward great behaviour. Giving children a goal to achieve beyond the traditional means.

How will kids earn and receive them?
There are five key traits that will be observed:

  1. Courage
  2. Attention & Effort
  3. Technical progress
  4. Speed & Strength
  5. Attendance

They just have to show up and exemplify any combination of the above traits, pay attention, focus and make an effort. Your child’s Professor will take notice and at the end of each class take notes about particular students. Once a child has reached a target, the child will receive a special badge. Each trait has five levels (1 – 5).Your child and the parent will be told what it’s for and why your child deserved it, along with the whole class.

Children are encouraged to earn to the top fifth level for all five traits (for a possibility of 25 badge total). This is however not guaranteed.

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Oss! Professor Lee

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