With Oracle Jiu Jitsu’s referral program, members can earn credit in the form of coupons that can be used towards future membership purchase discounts.

Refer a friend and if they sign up for an Oracle Jiu Jitsu membership (annual memberships only) you will receive ONE coupon valued at $104.87. The coupon is good for 1yr upon referral sale completion.

And your friend will automatically receive a $50 coupon applied towards their annual membership upon checkout (and that’s in addition to their already free 14 trial offer applied on check out). As a extra bonus for completion of their action, they will receive an extra $10 off a limited edition V3DA limited drop exclusive Gi. Win. Win. And well, another win.

How do I start?

  1. Login at V3DA.com
  2. View your Dashboard (see fig.1) 
  3. Register with below link & start earning!*

    * If you are an Oracle Member, you are already approved to be a referrer and you’re ready to go. Go to your dashboard now.

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refer a friend dashboard
Fig 1. Refer a friend dashboard

* Here’s the small print. If at any time your referrer decides to cancel their annual membership during their first year, your credit reward will be removed or debited from your account (if already spent). The refereree will also be debited for the $50 credit they received for signing up.

Please note, our referrer program tool is hosted on our secure partner site V3DA.com. By clicking on the above link, you’ll be redirected.