OracleLife. Academy update.

Guys, in my ongoing series on documenting my daily activities of what it’s like to open a new academy no doubt in the midst of one of our generations worst pandemics, I’m dropping a short post.

As you may know many retail businesses are struggling. Particularly those that are tied to close proximity of their clients amongst their other clients ie. gyms, martial arts academies. Jiu Jitsu is one such example.

About a month ago i made it my personal public position to attempt to remain closed or find some form of restricted form of reopening. My argument was that a second wave of infections was coming in the second week and beyond in September. (It didn’t take rocket science).

And here we are September 14 to the day and the government has reported 200 new covid cases for the third day in a row.
I’m not here to gloat because it’s not funny and not something that warrants it. It’s just unfortunate that we needed to go through this step by hook or by crook. These numbers we haven’t seen since April (on the upswing) and June (on the down swing). Depending on which way this new curve is headed, the curve could go either way. At best we’re at our June numbers which means we’re about 2 months set back.

This time, however, I’m hoping the curve will be on the downswing with a steep decline assuming that people will smarten up, and they know the drill.

Am i still of the opinion of remaining closed?
No. And here’s why. It’s my opinion that a strict form of dedicated partners can avoid this situation. My academy proper has yet to physically open but technically it is. The process of it is in the works as i work out bubble pairing of dedicated individuals.

However via my OracleLife YouTube channel I’ve in fact been active for the past four weeks. So far successfully. Nothing is bullet proof. But so far I’ve managed to dodge them. Knock on wood. Let’s not let our guard down. Play hard. Play safe. And take this one day at a time.

If you want to see what this channel is all about I encourage you to drop in and have a listen.

Until next time

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