OracleLife – building a smart library of your IP

Hey there. How are you? I hope you’re hanging in there. Covid has been long but at least winter was short. Am i right?

Today’s announcement is to give you a heads up of an upcoming new OracleLife video. The backend operations side.

As you may already know I’ve promised more of this type of content.

So that’s what I’ve done. This upcoming episode will be about how to set up a system so that you can utilize the intellectual property (“IP”) that you likely already have. For example, you might have:

  • A list of client assets
  • A class of students with varying grades and assessments
  • A bunch of how to documents
  • Or a group of staff with performance metrics
  • Maybe you have a school. And you want to organize your curriculum content and their associated videos and display it in an orderly, sorted way… even visualized in chart form (yes, I’ll show you that too). This last one is my position.

I’ll show you this little-known thing in the IT database world called “structured data”. Woah Woah, hang in there. Stay with me. Don’t worry I got you.

Essentially, the net result will be a clean, auto dynamically displaying a view of your content. What I mean by that is your IP, aka “stuff” (like those in the bulleted list above) will display only the stuff your user wants to see, what you want them to see or what you yourself want to see.

This can be very handy.

Especially when you have an ongoing growing list of stuff. In my case, I have a weekly growing library of online videos. Right now my students can view them, one by one, sorted by date. But what if wanted to see all my content that was only related to say “beginners”? Or “submission-only” techniques? How would we do that? Well, I’ll show you.

I’m pretty excited about this episode. Not only for you to learn how to do this stuff but it’ll force me to actually build this piece which up to now I’ve been only preparing for. Meaning I’ve been busy creating raw data but not creating the structural views that’ll make sense of it all.

So if you want to watch this, subscribe to my YouTube channel and Instagram to know the time and date of this drop.

PS. In the future when I’ve got enough data points I’d like to introduce AI. Maybe I’ll have AI personal robot coaches to better send you? Who knows where this will go. All I know is that it’s exciting. More later.

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