OracleTribe: Talking with two veterans about Coaching s1e13 part 1


Today I’m joined by two top veterans in the business world. Martha Chan is an owner and operator of among other successful career highlights like owning her own Marketing Firm, MCMC. I’m also joined by Margaret.

*** This video is part one, which covers about 1/3 of the entire session. This video goes live on Oct 1, 2020 on my OracleLife YouTube channel.

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As promised I’m opening up my experiences in near-live time of my daily interactions of opening and developing my software business As you likely do not know, my software is in BETA MVP. This means while it can go live right now, in fact, portions of it are in fact live for me right now, as I use it to manage my Oracle Jiu JItsu memberships, shop, OracleTribe etc. it still needs further testing and refinement.

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