Self defending Women

If you’re like many women who walk down a dark street or parking lot fearful of weirdos and assaulters, you’re not alone.
You’d love to have the confidence that. should you be required to, could protect yourself and your loved ones in a meaningful way? Sure you’ve seen YouTube videos of the knee to the groin, face scratching, slapping to the ear. You take your one shot, but don’t execute perfectly. God, he’s still standing there. Now angrier. Now what?

So it begs the question, how can a woman defending herself even be remotely possible? (of course, offense to my female trained combat sisters, as you’ll read in a moment – I’m talking to the untrained). Is that even realistic? If you were doubtful, I have news for you. It is realistic. Very realistic. But don’t take my word for it.

Read this one woman’s story, told by herself.

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