The importance of playful sparring

You’ve likely rolled with the guy who only has one speed. 109% on. He doesn’t stop pushing forward from the start to the end of the bell. You’ve also wondered whether sport jiu jitsu makes any sense. Maybe you should be training combat jiu jitsu? MMA? Or NoGi ADCC rules complete with heel hooks. Perhaps slap jiu jitsu right? To keep things real.
While this makes a lot of sense and is afterall rooted in the history of jiu jitsu itself, that being street tested, it’s not always the full story.

Going 100% all the time can lead to wear and tear to the point you’re unable to continue training. Maybe you’ll even become seriously injured, taking you away from what you love for even longer extended periods of time. This is where ‘playful’ training comes in. Science has shown that we learn better. Are more creative. And generally have more fun when we keep it relatively light.
Watch this video to learn more.

So the next you have the urge to want to train at 200% think about where you are in your training cycle and maybe have a little fun if you got the time.

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