A New Hope

Three new tire routines for you to try.

I call them TireMax. And for good reason.

We know that tire training isn’t easy. In fact that’s why we like it.

But if you’ve been doing tire work, you’re the first one to admit that performing a full suplex or tire toss is heavy work. It’s also inherently slow.

You have to walk over, pick it up and repeat. That moment of rest is enough for you to potentially take pause and . . . well, rest. And of course, sometimes that’s not what you’re looking for.

That brings us to TireMax.

These three new routines are designed to promote high octane, explosive bursts over a sustained period of time.

But why would we want that?

Good question. Why would we want that?

The simple answer is it focuses on the core tenants of good circuit training and more importantly to the JiuJitsuka, bursts of accelerated movement using your type II muscle fibers. Continued for a brief period of time, it improves your cardio and anaerobic output. All across your midsection, core and glutes. Everything you need for rolling in a killer tight guard, inversions, Soto Gari, Kata Guruma.

Well, if you’ve been a regular follower, or better a Tribe member, you’d already know that that’s one of the core tenets of OracleLife. To make you stronger, faster and smarter. The OracleLife method.

With that said, let’s jump into it. Here’s the link to the video. And don’t forget, if you want the entire routine with full warm up, check out my previous episodes, some of which is bonus content only available to tribe members, so consider joining. The past episodes go hand in hand.

https://youtu.be/BnXI3dLDhgk (Link goes live on Monday Jan25, 2021, 9am EST)

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