Hey folks . . . here’s a little something to keep you in shape.

If you’re not following Oracle either via our FaceBook page or WhatsApp group, then this post is for you.

Yesterday, I released an exercise routine to help you through the covid isolation. This routine is targetted at maintaining/improving your cardio while strengthening/conditioning your key areas to help improve your Jiu Jitsu. In addition there are bonus materials to help you avoid, the likely, no.1 eventual expected injury, a collateral ligament damage.

What’s included?

Step by step instructions to mix both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to optimize your routine to reflect a grueling set of back to back matches. An accompanying hand illustrated, by your very own, pdf is included.

Where do I grab this?

  1. Login to V3DA.com
  2. On auto-redirect to your dashboard*, find your curriculum link
  3. Once on the curriculum page, the top result is the post (scroll down to the new field called “long form notes”)
  4. At the bottom of the instructions is the link to the hand drawn (by yours truly), illustrated accompanying bonus.
    *registration with Oracle/Ryerson required

Until we see each other on the mats, keep in shape and stay safe. Happy rolls.


Prof. Lee

PS. If you try this out, leave me your thoughts in the comment section below!

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