now ensures your web security and privacy.

We’re glad to announce today that our website, already hosted on the world’s most secure web servers, Amazon Web Services, is now even more secure with end to end 256bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

In plain English, this means that hackers would have a very big challenge to eavesdrop into your activities on our web site.

How is this possible?

SSL encryption is the industry-leading web site security encryption technology used on most major websites. Particularly, sites that you use sensitive customer data and transactions. From the moment you visit our site to the moment you leave our site, end-to-end your entire visit is invisible to intruding eyes. Even if they were to ‘packet sniff’ off say a public wifi like Starbucks, your data is secure (which the way public wifi’s are notoriously unsafe).

Encryption uses sophisticated high-level mathematics to jumble your sessions between your computer, the internet, and our web site. So even if someone were to look at a give stream of data from you, all they would see is a series of nonsensical jibberish letters, numbers, characters and symbols. In fact “. . . even with a supercomputer, it would take 1 billion billion years to crack the 128-bit AES key using brute force attack. This is more than the age of the universe (13.75 billion years).”

So even if you decide to head over to our online shop, hosted on our partner website V3DA hub – which is also SSL secure, you will continue to be safe end to end during your entire shopping experience.

Happy surfing!

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