Just announced August 25, 2020: Video spar session with commentary

Guys, Lee here. I’m excited to announce that I will be rolling with long time friend and fellow JiuJitsuka Xennon. It’s been over eight months since I’ve rolled.

Over the past several months during Covid quarantine, we’ve toyed with the idea of getting together to get some mat time.

However both having families with kids and elderly parents we were both reluctant.

However now that Toronto is officially in phase 3 and grappling sports like BJJ have have certain capabilities of operation (more on that later) in the mean time i will be posting videos of sparring sessions for my Oracle Tribe. No Oracle is still not open for business (coming very soon!).

We will be taking special precautions entering into this arrangement ensuring all safety measures are followed and constant transparency of our whereabouts including the Covid tracker app. We will be sparring in an open outdoor area. We will be exclusive rolling partners.

Oracle tribe members will get first peak at the videos with commentary posted on their dashboard curriculum. YouTube viewers will as usual get access to just the video component.

Date: Spar date Tuesday, August 25 (time TBA). Check back here for update on time. Video posting usually 24-36 hours post fight.

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