OracleLife s1e4: Corktown common park rolling with dedicated partner. Day 1.

Guys, the other day was sooo fun, sooo hot and so rewarding. To know you did your part in quarantining yourself, not just for the safety of you and your loved ones, but for all the others around you. Play hard. Play safe.

Buddy Zennon (pictured above) and I were in a local park, after months of talk (including background safety checks, covid app tracker) of meeting up to get some rolls in. We finally decided it was time, after all, phase III had kicked in several weeks ago. Academies have started to get a trickle in of students. Oracle Jiu-Jitsu is decidedly remaining several weeks behind everyone else (so it seems) on purpose.

It’s my personal belief that a second wave of infections is likely imminent (sorry, some of us to don’t like hear that, but the odds are just too great), particularly with the pent up energy, the passing summer days and the oncoming start of the school year (here in Ontario kids are going into classes…where do I start? This is a train wreck waiting to happen). I’m hopeful that it won’t be a large outbreak though. If you have the sick and elderly then you know what I’m talking about.

So if you’re ready, go grab the complete full video with commentary of OracleLife park rolling on YouTube. Join the OracleLife tribe, destroy the like and subscribe buttons. But most importantly, if you’d like to join us, DM me and I’ll give you the exact location, exact mats you’ll need, time and of course you’ll need to bring along your dedicated training partner. Everyone of course being symptom free.



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