OracleTribe. Inverted back take TENET style. S1E15 nogi.


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Ya? Did you go? Oh sorry, no link. . . right. Here you go.

Summer ain’t over beaches.

Zennon and I squeeze out every last drop of the sun and fun on our beautiful Toronto beaches. Are they like Rio? Sure . . . kinda-ish. If you imagine hard enough.

In this hour long episode you see:

  • Inversion to backtake
  • Reverse DLR to calf slicer
  • Mount to roll to arm bar
  • Americana
  • Lee discusses the state of academies in Ontario during modified Stage2 and what it means to OracleJiuJitsu and other academies. #SupportYourLocalAcademy

Peace out.

P. Lee

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