Strong man tire training (contd).

Ok so today. I went to HomeDepot and grabbed all the hardware for the tire training gear. (When i update this post I’ll add photos, part numbers and quantities).

I also, and most importantly, snuck in my idea with my wife. She didn’t know about this. And if you knew my wife you’d know that she is . . . shall i say, poo poo-ish with ideas that she can’t relate to. The immediate logistics of where will the tires be stored and where will i do this activity came up. All answers will come in due time. Let’s just say the plan is still on lol.
So tonight. I go get tires. I’m snap some photos and post them here.

Then tomorrow I’ll get to assembling the tires (More in that tomorrow).

And hopefully of all goes well and i getter done by 10am tomorrow I’ll try and get in my first workout before the noon sun gets too hot.

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