Strong man tire training (day 1. contd).

Folks, I’m happy to post that today was successful in that everything went to plan.

  • Tires secured. Check.
  • Tires bolted together. Check.
  • 1st work out complete. Check.
  • Video of instructional training video complete. Check.

I’m sore, and that’s a good sign. I didn’t push myself too much, as the weather was quite warm, and it was just day 1 of tire training, and I’m just getting my feet wet. So I wanted to take it easy, not injure myself and build a movement foundation to build upon slowly.

Later this evening I put the video together in Adobe Premiere which is only about 6 minutes in length but took about 2-1/2 hrs to render on my macbook.

So I’ll leave it for tomorrow to do the final voice-over.

All the best. Btw. Today i heard rumors that Phase II could start as early as this Wednesday?! I don’t know how true this is, but if it is, I think many people will be pretty excited. Myself included.


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